Get Yourself Painting Series – APRIL

Do you love to paint? Are you always up for a paint-night and feeling eager or ready to paint your own ideas? This class is for those of you who want guidance and support moving to another level with your painting. CCA Artist-in-Residence, TrinaTeele will teach basic concepts of drawing, composition, color, value and light and provide guidance as you move forward with your individual painting projects. 4 sessions, $125.

Monday nights 6:30-8:30, April 9, 16, 23, 30 CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Supply list:
Acrylic Paint Set (E.G. Basics by Liquitex)  To include at least one Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, Black and White tube of paint.
Brush Set  As a painter, you will try all sorts of brushes  but to begin you will need an assortment of at least 3brushes including 2 sizes of flats and a round.
Stretched Canvas or Canvas Board
Sketchbook and pencils or charcoal & kneaded erasera

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