Aug. 19th: The Jazz Punishers at the Cabaret Café

Aug. 19th at 4:00 pm

Cover $15, Members/Students $10 Purchase HERE or at the CCA

Cash Bar, FREE Parking

The Jazz Punishers at the Cabaret Café

The Jazz Punishers’ quirky name is representative of the band members’ sense of humor and lightheartedness about the music they love to play. We play a blend of classic jazz standards, many with a fresh twist, contemporary jazz, and even some R&B. We’re a perfect fit where a sense of sophistication sans snootiness is desired.

Jason Macres (saxophones), Ed Spargo (bass), Jim Zaroulis (keyboards and piano), Steve Bankuti (drums) and Marcia J. Macres (lead vocals).
Guest musicians include Erik Ringstad and John Catino (guitar), Chris Anzalone and Brendan Byrnes (drums).


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