May 21st: The Thoreau Piano Trio

May 21st at 3:00 pm  ART ISN’T TAME

Tickets HERE $20 General Admission, $15 Members

Please join us for our final concert of the season at the CCA, on May 21, featuring Bill Pfaff’s (bill_pfaff_music) “Departing Landscapes” and Beethoven op. 70, no. 2.

“The members of the Thoreau Piano Trio, violinist Susan Jensen, cellist Darry Dolezal and pianist Paul Jacobs, are virtuoso soloists and superb chamber musicians in their own right, and together their chemistry is extraordinary. Drawing from diverse backgrounds – Susan’s work in Los Angeles with stars of opera, film and popular music, Darry’s extensive chamber music and modern music forays, Paul’s dabblings in jazz, experimental improvisation and the study of different states of mindfulness – they thread intriguing connections between concert art music of all periods, creating evocative programs played with inventiveness and passion.”

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