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About Us

The Chelmsford Center for the Arts (CCA) is a community center that focuses on connection, cultural expression, healing, storytelling, and play through the arts.

The CCA provides high quality programs, performances, and third spaces in theater, visual arts, music, film, youth/teen development, and more.

At the CCA, we prioritize mental health, wellness, art, creativity, diversity, and community.


The CCA enhances the quality of life of Merrimack Valley residents and visitors.

Our Mission

At the CCA, our mission is to use the arts to increase the quality of life for Merrimack Valley residents and visitors.

Our Vision

Through the arts, we build a vibrant, sustainable quality of life for all. We envision a healthy, inclusive, diverse, welcoming, and multigenerational community. We utilize the arts at every intersection to be adaptive and responsive to our dynamic environment.

Note on Vision Statement: Our Vision statement is derived directly from the Town of Chelmsford’s vision and values. Town vision and values

In everything we do, we ask ourselves, does this W.E.R.C.C. (pronounced “work”)?

Does this collective action, program, workshop, performance, etc.​

  • Enhance Wellbeing

  • Encourage Empathy

  • Build Resilience

  • Support Creativity

  • Create Connection

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