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Our Community Gallery


February 11 - March 3


D'Wight Upchurch

“Say it Loud” features the work of visual artist and musician, D’Wight Upchurch from his iconic 1960s series. His paintings and drawings explored his understanding of himself and his world while coming of age as a black man in the height of the civil rights movement. The “Say it Loud” gallery opening will bring D’Wight’s work to life. Featuring live music and musings from D’Wight, don’t miss this special performance.

Our gallery is open Thursday through Friday from 3pm-7pm, and Saturday from 12pm-4pm.

  • We feature the work of diverse artists from around the globe.

  • We work with teens and seniors to produce community-grown gallery exhibits.

  • We partner with professional artists to engage community members in storytelling processes that culminate in public exhibition and/or performance.

  • We create a safe third space for people to connect with themselves and others.

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